Dear customers!

My name is Magnus Andersson and i am the CEO for EMUGE-FRANKEN in Scandinavia. I want to personally contact you today when we try to work and function as normal as possible in this very strange and insecure period.

We all have feelings for our brothers and sisters around the world that have been affected directly or indirectly by the Coronavirus. It’s in times like these that we are reminded about helping and taking care of each other. Our most important issue is to look after our dearest and closest people around us, and to help out with the mission to not spread the virus to more people than who already have been affected.

As your supplier of cutting tools we want to inform and secure you that EMUGE-FRANKEN will keep our business open and our goal is to deliver tools, support and service as usual. In this moment we feel that it’s even more important to be at your service than ever if you have the need.

EMUGE-FRANKEN will do all that is possible to counteract more spread of the Coronavirus and have depending on this, decided that all our travelling sales/technicians will work from home (per today). We follow the recommendations from the government and authorities, and feel a huge responsibility to contribute with all we can. We are lucky to have all our staff digitally connected to the sales/CRM system, so they have the possibility to work from home and help you out with all questions that comes up by phone or e-mail. Our head office in Örebro will keep open until the government decide for other actions in the society.

We will support and give you service over the phone, e-mail or video meeting (TEAMS & TEAM VIEWER) during this period. If you get any urgent problem that need to be solved by a physical visit by EMUGE-FRANKEN, contact your normal sales contact or our head office.

This is a completely new situation for all of us, so let’s try to help out in the best way ever, together we will stay strong!

Best regards,
Magnus Andersson