EMUGE offers you an extensive programme of thread rolls, worm rolls, knurling rolls and serration rolls for practically all application cases.

Process characteristics:

  • Chipless process
  • External machining
  • Production of profile contours by material displacement
  • Major diameter not fully formed
  • Rolls made of high-alloyed tool steel

The use of rolling tools necessitates certain basic conditions:

  • Workpiece materials with a breaking elongation ≥ 8%
  • Specially adjusted blank diameters are necessary for rolling
  • Special machines are necessary

The use of rolling tools offers the following advantages:

  • Smooth rolled surfaces achieved by densification of the material structure
  • Surface quality grade Ra2 on the rolled profile
  • Increased corrosion resistance due to reduced reaction surfaces
  • Uninterrupted grain structure
  • Increased static and dynamic strength of the profile
  • High dimensional and form precision
  • Considerable material savings, since work does not start from the major diameter of the workpiece but from its pitch, or preparatory diameter
  • Short machining times

This means that in effect rolled threads can be exposed to higher stress. They show a higher degree of wear resistance and are better protected against corrosion. Another advantage that deserves special attention is the improvement of economic efficiency in thread ­production achieved by the extremely short production times common in thread rolling.