Hasse Tidholm built up Emuge Franken on the Swedish market and make the brand shine in the hard competition, the main products was Taps and tapping attachments.

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The history of Emuge-Franken Scandinavia

The story of Emuge-Franken

Emuge Franken´s brand label have exist on the Swedish and Scandinavian market during a long time. In the beginning it was represented by dealer like Ahlsell and Malmö Maskin in Sweden.


The Start

1990 the sales manager at Ahlsell, Hans Tidholm took the decision to start up a franchise business with his new company Emuge Franken Teknik AB. Hasse was a brilliant cutting tool technician that also loved the social game and his personal meeting with the customers. His philosophy was to help the Swedish customers to find the best technical solution with technical knowledge and Emuge Franken´s high quality product range.  Hasse Tidholm built up Emuge Franken on the Swedish market and make the brand shine in the hard competition, the main products was Taps and tapping attachments.


Emuge-Franken AB is established

1st of april 2003 bought Emuge-Franken GmbH all shares from H Tidholm, Hasse had decide to retire and enjoy life to 100%. Emuge hire a managing director with the mission to keep on building of the ground that H Tidholm had establish. The ambition was to get into the automotive business and to start to marketing/sale of the complete Emuge Franken product portfolio. Emuge hire Magnus Andersson that come from the marketing side and with a focus of the commercial part.

Emuge Franken AB´s  goal was to grow to the same percentage of turnover for each product group on the Swedish market as the German mother company had on their home market. This should be done thru employ competent staff with high technical knowledge, and they should the best tools and a positive, warm company feeling to achive the future goals.

Emuge Franken Denmark

In march 2005 get Emuge Franken AB the responsibility to take over the Danish market. The wish from EF GmbH was to reach the same development and approach in Denmark as EF AB had done in Sweden. EF AB emply own Danish sales technicians on the market.

Emuge DK is today a well known and established organization on the Danish market, and is continuously growing with more representatives and technicians. What really ”sticks out” the Danish part of the business is the very high amount of turnover for the milling products, normally among the EF daughter companies is that the tapping part is the biggest product group.


Emuge Franken Finland

In june 2007 receive Emuge Franken AB even responsibility for the Finnish market. The same concept was built up as for the rest of Scandinavia and own representatives and technicians is hired. The  Finish market have before been handle by franchising and only sales of threading tools. With own EF organization offer Emuge Franken our whole product program and technical support to the Finnish market.

The ambition is to offer the Finish market the best support, helping companies to increase their productivity and get the Emuge brand well known among both old and new potential customers. This shall be made with high qualified representatives/technicians and with competetive prices on the products in Finland.

Emuge Franken goes special tools

2012 get EF AB the chance to marketing and sale customized HM special tools, produced by one of the own EF european sister companies. 2013 manage EF AB to hire two of the best technicians on this market from a competitor, this gives the final GO to start an offensive marketing on this product range.

During 2014 increase this portfolio and production capacity with one unit with production of HM and one unit of production of PCD and diamond tools. All design and drawings is made in the Örebro office.

Emuge-Franken today

Emuge Franken AB have grow to a medium size company by our on sales, this have give the possiblility to employ more representatives and technicians that can serv and support the Scandinavian market. The biggest increase have come from the milling program and clamping units.

EF Scandinavia is today one of the largest daughter companies in the Emuge Group, have a clear business strategy and fixed goals for the future. EF AB shall be one of the biggest companies on the cutting tool market into our own product groups, and have a close business relation/cooperation with our customers and partners.

Emuge Franken AB - the Future

Keep on the work to be in the front of the business and attract the best and most positive employes to the EF organization. Emuge Franken AB shall be a modern and fun employer, with high goals for the develop of each person in our staff, our staff is the most important tool we have!

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