Due to today’s situation on the world market with rampant energy prices, high inflation, and a general uncertainty of what is to come, we unfortunately have to raise our prices on most of our products. All our (internal & external) suppliers have received several increases in their raw material during the year, if you combine all these factors, you all understand that this is something that must be implemented.

The increase on our standard items will be +8% straight across the entire range.
For special tools, we will evaluate the price “case by case”.
For custom made tools we will contact our customers separate.
Customers with fixed prices for tools by contract will not be affected.

This may sound like a lot but, look at how the price increases look for all the consumer goods that we buy daily. These are significantly higher than our upcoming increase. We believe that most people in the industry fully understand this and will carry out exactly the same actions on their own goods/products.

We hope for your understanding and looking forward for an ongoing cooperation between our companies.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Best regards,

Magnus Andersson