Tool holder with adjustable projection length

Thanks to its adjustable projection length, the EMUGE Softsynchro® Xtension tap holder is aimed at the production of low lying threads in components/applications. The user benefits from an increased flexibility without compromising rigidity.
A recurring problem when machining low lying threads in components are that they are interfering with the contours of the tool holder. Threaded tools with an extended shank or tool extensions offer a remedy, but require compromises in tool application or rigidity. The EMUGE Softsynchro® Xtension combines the high rigidity of a tool holder with a longer projection length with a minimal interfering contour. Its projecting length can be in only one step adjusted from 210 mm to 260 mm and thus individually adapted to the machining process. The use of threaded tools with a standard length is possible thanks to the longer projecting length, which in turn leads to fewer tool changes, reduced set-up times and an improved tool life.

In addition, the tried and tested Softsynchro® minimum length compensation is integrated in the tool holder, which transfers the torque separately from the undesired axial force, thereby optimally compensating for axial errors during thread production.

The tap holder combined with the ER 16 GB collet enables the use of threaded tools from M4 to M12. It can be operated with internal cooling up to 50 bar and is available for all common machine connections.