A new event format for the world of machining

V-CON 2020

V-CON 2020, a new virtual, interactive & international event format for manufacturing solutions in the machining world, will take place from November 10-12, 2020

The event is based on the advantages of physical trade fairs – and thanks to the digital format, it gets even more out of it for you:

  • You save on travel costs, queues and crowds and make relevant contacts with just a few clicks.
  • You can move freely around a 3-dimensional independent world of experience – at your own pace, on your own or initially together with an employee.
  • You can access over 80 experts and their know-how, communicate easily and efficiently via chat or (video) call.
  • You can get straight from the machine to related solutions from tools to measuring and testing technology to automation.
  • You follow presentations and round tables or participate in live discussions – and use your time at the trade fair more efficiently than ever before thanks to these and other features.


A new dimension in production

Time for a new generation of innovative manufacturing solutions: Discover the latest trends of proven machine concepts in their virtual form at the V-CON – and with it many possibilities to make your production more reliable, precise and productive.
The virtual environment also allows completely new insights into the inner workings of the machines that would be impossible in reality.

Expert know-how for your production

At the TalkPodium you will have the opportunity several times a day to follow exciting and informative specialist presentations live. Thanks to the digital event format, you can easily ask questions in the chat and the speaker will answer them afterwards.

From the working day – for the working day

At the RoundTables, you can exchange views live with selected industry experts and other users on relevant topics from your everyday business life. You benefit from real-life experience reports, but also from the experts’ assessments of your specific problems.

Further information and the registration form for the event you find at: