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Emuge-Franken GmbH

Emuge Franken is a company group that offer high quality cutting tools worldwide in more than 90 years.  In the portfolio you find thread technology, milling, drilling, workpiece clamping, tool holders and measuring. Our biggest customers you find in the automotive, aerospace and energy industry, a mayor player is also the machine builders.

Emuge is represented in more than 50 countries and have own production in 10, this organization gives possibility to serv and support customers worldwide. In total work approx. 2 000 people in the group, and 1 500 of these are located at the HQ in Lauf/Rückersdorf.

Emuge Franken´s  product portfolio have more than 110 000 articles, this amount of tools is 60 % of the total production,  the missing 40% i customized tool for optimize our customers cutting process.

Emuge group yearly invest part of the profit in new modern technology and production facilities. The latest CNC machines, coating machines and the best measuring equipment gives Emuge possibility to stay in the front among the competitors worldwide.
One of the latest and most innovative product development is the Emuge ”punch tap”.
This is developed together with Audi AG and have really help the VW group to speed up their production in their production lines, the punch tap is used today in the complete VW group.